About Synchro

Synchronized swimming is a sport that requires grace, endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination, artistry and musical timing.



Synchronized swimming

  • is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers (either solos, duets, trios, combos, or teams) performing a synchronized routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music. Athletes can perform solos and compete in most other competitions.
  • demands advanced water skills and exceptional breath control when upside down underwater. During lifts, (where up to six people act as the platform, one person acts as a base, and one and/or two people act as flyers) swimmers are required not to touch the bottom – yet pull off an outstanding lift.
  • is both an individual and team sport. Swimmers compete individually during figures, and then as a team during the routine. Figures are made up of a combination of skills and positions that often require control, strength, and flexibility. Swimmers are ranked individually for this part of the competition. The routine involves teamwork and synchronization. It is choreographed to music and often has a theme.

A synchronized swimmer spends more time in practice more than almost any competitive athlete. Being involved on a synchronized team helps a girl value teamwork, commitment, and her own strength. Contact us to find out more.

Cheryl Cook
Head Coach
Austin Angelfish